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VIP Realty has its new base office located within Bali Palms Resort front lobby in Bali. The new office has been set up to provide a direct sales operation for Bali Palms to offer apartments for long stay guest as well as to cater for the growing market for property and land sales within Bali. VIP Realty will also offer a platform to those both within Bali and abroad to see what they may purchase or lease as a dream business or home.

Since its major re-building programme, starting just 12 years ago, Bali Palms Resort has been operating as an Aparthotel offering Accommodation in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments for annual stays between 3 to 12 months, as well as Hotel, Studio and 1 Bedroom accommodations on a daily to weekly basis as normally provided by Travel Agents.

The general shut down of normal life across the world put a stop on life as we knew it with some vengeance.

The good news for 2023 is Bali, now rapidly re-emerging from the years of its long and difficult slumber from the worldwide pandemic. Travelers are now returning to Bali in increasing numbers, and airline flights are growing fast with prices coming down. With this new, and very welcomed, interest in re discovering Bali, it became clear to the founders of the Resort that not only did Bali Palms need to engage in its own property sales but also to attend to a rising market which is growing outside its own confines. Thus VIP Realty was born to provide the facility of a professional office for direct customer access and advice in their sales, purchase and marketing needs. Whether your need is to sell and move onto new pastures, or to seek your dream Villa in Bali, VIP Realty is here to serve.

VIP Realty is able to offer our customers the full benefit of a dedicated and experienced office manager. We have access to a wide range of advertising areas, legal services for due diligence for your sale and lease contracts and immigration services needed for residency, retirement and working. Within our office you will find a wide number of properties listed which includes long and short term lease or rentals at Bali Palms and an increasing number of private properties, businesses and land for sale or lease within the locality of our beautiful regency and beyond.

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