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Bali Property For Sale


Live and work on your own Island Paradise off the East Bali Coast. This beautifully appointed Villa Resort is truly unique and available now.

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    These apartments have a living room with separate fitted kitchen area. The master bedrooms have luxury on suite bathrooms. The guest bedrooms also have a luxury on suite bathroom. 

    Bali Property For Sale


    A spacious apartment overlooking the resort's pool and the beautiful bay of Candidasa. Unlike our other apartments, the studio apartments have a seperate partial kitchen, including a small table for dining.

    Apartments for sale in Bali


    These apartments provide spacious living rooms and luxury bedrooms with large on suite bathrooms. All have an intimate private walled garden complete with shrubs, trees and flowering plants.

    Bali Property For Sale


    These spacious Studio apartments are overlooking the resort's pool and the beautiful bay of Candidasa. Available in different sizes ranging from 3M, 6M, 9M and 12M Studio Apartments.

    Apartments for sale in Bali


    These apartments provide spacious living rooms and luxury bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms. Available in different sizes ranging from 3M, 6M, 9M and 12M One Bedroom Apartments.

    Properties for sale in East of Bali

    Villa - House - Hotel - Apartment

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    BALINESE GRAND HOME - Location: Padangbai Ownership: Leasehold USD$500,000,-

    On 10 are and close to the beach, this beautiful Grand Mansion Home boasts 11 Bedrooms. Paradise is calling. This Home is available now.

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    • Stunning Seaside Villa For Sale Bali 3
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    SEASIDE VILLA FOR SALE - Candidasa USD$300,000,-

    Breathtaking Seaside Villa For Sale. 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, Garage, Jacuzzi, Panoramic Ocean View and Land. Available now.

    • Modern Home For Sale in Bali VIP 106 f
    • Modern Home For Sale in Bali VIP 106 c
    • Modern Home For Sale in Bali VIP 106 a
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    BALINESE MODERN HOME - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Leasehold & Freehold USD$250,000,-

    On 3 are and close to the beach, this beautiful Modern Home and Villas boasts 7 Bedrooms and Staff Quarters. Paradise calls! Available August 2023.

    • VIP118, Facade-villa apartment
    • VIP118, Living room-villa apartment
    • VIP118, bedroom2-villa apartment(1)
    • VIP118, Bedroom 1-villa apartment(1)
    • VIP118, bedroom - Apartvilla
    • VIP118, Bathroom-villa apartment
    • VIP118, Balcony-ApartVilla
    • VIP118, Livingroom - villa apartment

    Seaside Villa Apartment - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Leasehold AUD 16,500,-/Year

    This fully equip 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Living Room with Kitchen, Balcony and Dining area with a modern artsy touch Residential located next to the beach with the indulgement of full relaxation. Experience it Now!

    • VIP119,Swimming pool-villa apartment.jpg
    • VIP119,balcony -Apartvilla.png
    • VIP119, Swimmingpool deck-villa apartment.jpg
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    • VIP119, Livingroom- Apartvilla .jpg
    • VIP119, Living room-villa apartment.jpg
    • VIP119, Kitchen-villa apartment.jpg
    • VIP119, Kitchen area-villa apartment(1).jpg
    • VIP119, dining room - Apartvilla .jpg
    • VIP119, Bedroom 1- Apartvilla .jpg

    BEACHSIDE VILLA APARTMENT - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Leasehold AUD 19,900,-/Year

    This Luxurious Oceanfront Villa Apartment are more than a home, but it's a statement of your lifestyle and your ultimate relaxation. Contact us Now and begins your experience!

    • VIP120, living room. Pondok carik - Bukit catu(8)
    • VIP120,teras bawah. pondok carik- Bukit catu(1)
    • VIP120,teras bedroom bawah. pondok carik- Bukit catu(3)
    • VIP120, living room. Pondok carik - Bukit catu(4)
    • VIP120, livin room. pondok carik- Bukit catu(1)
    • VIP120, kitchen. Pondok carik-Bukit Catu(1)
    • VIP120, Gazebo. pondok carik- Bukit catu(8)
    • VIP120, kitchen. Pondok carik - Bukit catu(2)
    • VIP120, bedroom atas. pondok carik- Bukit catu(13)
    • VIP120, Bathroom. Pondok carik - Bukit catu(3)
    • VIP20, Bedroom atas. Pondok carik - Bukit catu(5)
    • VIP20, Bathroom. Pondok carik - Bukit catu(2)

    Lumbung House 1 & 2 - Location: Manggis Ownership: Freehold & Leasehold IDR 2.257,500,000,- Freehold IDR 1.315,500,000,- Leasehold

    The hidden gem of Lumbung Houses is surrounded by lanes of rice fields, relaxing waterways, scorching sunshine over the hills and mountain views, what a spectacular sight to be missed.

    • Copy of VIP129, Sengkidu
    • VIP129, view Terrace
    • VIP129, Garden
    • VIP129, Facade
    • VIP129, Entrance
    • VIP129, First floor
    • VIP129, View ground beachfront

    Sandy Beachfront Villa - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Leasehold USD$12,300,-

    Looking for a Dream Sandy Beachfront Villa where you can swim in the ocean, sunbath, snorkeling with the backdrop views of Candidasa Hills and Mount Agung? We got you cover!

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    Beachfront Hotel in Main Areas of AMED - Location: Amed Ownership: Freehold USD$750,000,-

    Beachfront Boutique Hotel in Prime Location in Amed with many rooms and Seaside Restaurant and Now For Sale to Indulge your craving for spectacular Dive and Snorkeling and the heart of Bali Best Dives site!

    • VIP115 - Villa Candidasa
    • VIP115, Swimming pool 2- Villa Candidasa
    • VIP115, Public area - Villa Candidasa
    • VIP115, Lounge area - Villa Candidasa

    Villa Bungalows & Spa For Sale - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Freehold USD$ 675,000,-

    The areas perfect for your new business ventures, vacation and long stays a like. Situated near to the main attraction of Candidasa, Seaside, Bars and Restaurants, the Perfect Place for you to unwind yet be entertains

    • VIP117 - Bedroom
    • VIP117 - patio
    • VIP117 - Beach
    • VIP117, Ricefield View2 - Tanah ampo

    Ricefield House - Location: Tanah Ampo Ownership - Freehold & Leasehold USD$ 35,000,-

    The house situated in middle of ricefield with back view of the hills,  nearby clear water river view and walk-in distance to the beach. Everything you wish to see in nature merge in this Balinese Cozy House. Available for Freehold and Leasehold up to 30 yrs

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    Modern Balinese Villa - Location: Sengkidu, Candidasa Ownership: Freehold USD$.225.000,-

    The Villa built in a total serene location, near the main road of candidasa with well maintain big garden and gated residency. If you looking for the best quality and tranquility, this is might be just for you!

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    Minimalist Balinese House - Location: Tenganan, Candidasa Ownership - Freehold & Leasehold USD$ 39.000,-

    This new built minimalist house situated in the most iconic ancient village of Bali. Near the main road and sea-shore. Your first opportunity to experiences the magical of the historical village here in Bali. 

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    • VIP133
    • VIP133 -Patio & Entrance
    • VIP133 (2)
    • VIP133 - Land areas
    • VIP133 - Dining & Living Room
    • VIP133 - Bedroom 1

    Big Plot of Land with a Bungalow - Location: JASRI, Karangasem Ownership: Leasehold & Freehold USD 9,700,-Nett/Year

    This big plot of land comes with a serene bungalow, the areas have a lot to offer; situated in middle of rice field, walk-in distance to the beach and asthonishing view of the Mount Agung Everytime. 

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    A Modern Joglo Villa - Location At The Heart of Sanur, Bali Ownership: Leasehold USD 180,000,-/20 Years

    Step Into The Prime Location of Sanur, Bali and Start Living in a Stunning Modern meets Traditional Joglo Villa Now!


     Land For Sale in East of Bali

    • VPV123
    • VPV123(2)

    Land Leasehold 25 Are/2500 Square meters - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Leasehold USD.$525.00,-/Are/year

    The land is for long lease, situated near the main road of Candidasa, very close to villas, restaurants, bars, and Lagoon!

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    Land Leasehold 7 Are/700 Square meters - Location: Candidasa Ownership: Leasehold 30 yrs & Freehold Leasehold: USD.$299.00/are/year Freehold: USD.$9.929,00,-Are

    The land is for leasehold  and freehold, situated near the main road of Candidasa, surrounded by hills, mini forest and a glimpse of sea view on the background!

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